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Fitt Insider

Jun 7, 2022

Today I’m joined by Alexandra Zatarain, Co-Founder and VP of Brand and Marketing at Eight Sleep. Eight Sleep is the first sleep fitness company. Eight Sleep leverages innovation, technology, and personal biometrics to restore individuals to their peak energy levels. Fast Company named Eight Sleep one of the Most Innovative Companies in Consumer Electronics. In this episode we talk about the company’s smart mattress that tracks sleep, regulates temperature, and much more. We discuss the concept of sleep fitness, and the company’s plan to improve sleep performance. Alexandra also shares Eight Sleep’s moonshots, like the possibility of compressing sleep to under six hours. In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Tips for leveraging social proof to build trust with your customers
  • How Eight Sleep grew from a crowdfunded startup to a nearly $500M company
  • Important things to consider when partnering with other brands
  • The challenges & benefits of building a mission-driven company

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