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Fitt Insider

Sep 28, 2021

Today, I’m joined by Phil Southerland, founder and CEO of Supersapiens — a company using continuous glucose monitoring to help athletes manage their energy levels. 


In this episode, we discuss advancements in glucose monitoring. Phil explains why the company is focused on endurance athletes and high performance....

Sep 21, 2021

Today I’m joined by Ara Katz, co-founder & co-CEO of Seed Health — a microbial sciences company. 


In this episode, we discuss the microbiome and the many ways it impacts well-being. Ara explains Seed’s approach to building a platform around studying and commercializing probiotics. And we talk about the...

Sep 14, 2021

Today I’m joined by Tom Aulet, co-founder and CEO of Ergatta — a game-based connected rower. 


In this episode, Tom lays out the opportunity in creating fitness offerings that go beyond instructor-led, boutique-style classes. We talk about the company’s approach to designing game-based content. And we discuss...

Sep 7, 2021

Today I’m joined by Joey Gonzalez, the CEO of Barry’s — a premium boutique fitness brand. 


In this episode, Joey shares his experience with the company, from customer and instructor to chief executive. We talk about Barry’s X, the company’s new digital platform, as well as Joey’s vision for an omnichannel...