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Fitt Insider

Jan 30, 2024

Today I’m joined by Jeff Zwiefel, executive director of Life Time MIORA.

Former president and COO of Life Time, Jeff now heads the brand’s spinoff concept MIORA. Targeting the medical wellness market, MIORA longevity clinics pair personalized training and nutrition programs with medical and aesthetic treatments to...

Jan 23, 2024

Today I’m joined by Crunch Fitness CEO Jim Rowley.

Known for its inclusive atmosphere, the national gym chain offers a mix of classes, state-of-the-art equipment, personalized training programs, and digital experiences.

In this episode, we discuss the future of fitness franchises — including the role of group...

Jan 16, 2024

Today, I’m joined by Rachel Drori, founder of Daily Harvest, a plant-based frozen meal delivery service.

Valued at over $1B in 2022, Daily Harvest is reimagining frozen food. Partnering with Kroger, the company recently expanded into retail — launching its pre-prepped smoothie, soup, and healthy bowl kits to the...

Jan 9, 2024

Today I’m joined by TRX founder Randy Hetrick & CEO Jack Daly.

In the 90s, former Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick developed portable suspension straps while on deployment before launching TRX in 2004, then led the business for 15 years before selling. In 2022, Randy teamed up with Jack Daly to buy the brand back out of...

Jan 2, 2024

Happy new year! 

To kick off 2024, we’re changing things up a bit.

We have some incredible episodes lined up, but today – we’re sharing a behind-the-scenes look at Fitt Insider and a preview of what’s to come.

In this episode, we cover: 
• Fitt Insider’s backstory and mission
• Highlights from 2023,...