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Fitt Insider

Dec 27, 2022

Today, I’m joined by Rachel Lea Fishman, co-founder & CEO of Arketa, a platform helping health and wellness businesses scale hybrid offerings.

Founded in 2020, Arketa provides an all-in-one software solution for studio owners and independent creators to manage their class bookings, take payment, and host on demand...

Dec 20, 2022

Today, I’m joined by Stefan Olander, co-founder & CEO of OMORPHO, a weighted apparel company.

Founded in 2017 with the goal to reinvent the weighted vest, OMORPHO’s “gravity sportswear” apparel is designed to help its wearers train smarter and improve performance. With MicroLoad technology—small amounts of...

Dec 13, 2022

Today, I’m joined by Allen Chen, co-founder & CEO of Fitbod, an AI-powered personal training app.

Founded in 2015, the platform creates personalized workout plans based on user data including fitness level, goals, and available equipment. Leveraging AI, the app democratizes personal training, recommending workouts to...

Dec 6, 2022

Today, I’m joined by Sarah Larson Levey, founder & CEO of Y7 Studio, a chain of hot yoga studios known for high-intensity classes set to music.

Starting as a pop-up studio in the Williamsburg neighborhood of NYC, Y7 Studio quickly rose to fame for its unconventional, modern approach to yoga. After prolonged COVID...

Nov 29, 2022

Today, I’m joined by Tom Hale, CEO of Oura, maker of a smart ring analyzing a wearer’s biometric data with the goal of improving sleep, stress, fitness, and overall health.

Founded in Finland in 2013, Oura has quickly become one of the world's fastest-growing wearables, recently eclipsing 1M rings sold. Developed as...