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Fitt Insider

Jul 27, 2021

Today I’m joined by Mark Mullett and Ashley Mills, the co-founders and co-CEOs of obé — a premium digital fitness platform offering live and on-demand workouts. 


In this episode, Mark and Ashley explain how their background in talent management and experience at CAA led them to start obé. We discuss the role of...

Jul 20, 2021

Today I’m joined by Eric Roza, the owner and CEO of CrossFit. 


In this episode, Eric shares his vision for the company’s future. We cover the role of technology, growing the CrossFit Games, and new initiatives across eCommerce, direct-to-consumer fitness content, and healthcare. We also discuss the obstacles...

Jul 13, 2021

Today I’m joined by Chloe Steinberg. Chloe is a partner at Sapphire Sport, a venture capital platform investing in companies powering the next generation of consumers. 


In this episode, we talk about Chloe’s experience at Equinox, where she led Equinox Ventures. We discuss Gen Z’s approach to wellness, including...

Jul 6, 2021

Today I’m joined by Aaron de Jong, CEO of movr — an app that makes healthy movement more accessible for everyone. 


In this episode, we talk about Aaron’s journey from fitness instructor and studio owner to startup founder. We discuss the company’s approach to improving mobility and strength through movement...