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Fitt Insider

Jun 30, 2020

Today I’m joined by Mark Gainey. 


Mark is the co-founder and Executive Chairman of Strava, a global community of athletes with more than 50M members. 


In this episode, we discussed Strava’s business model, including freemium access and paid subscriptions, the company’s focus on putting the athlete first, and...

Jun 23, 2020

Today I’m joined by Fritz Lanman the CEO of ClassPass. 


In this episode, we talk about why the company changed its business model and pricing over the years. The opportunity for growth in areas like corporate benefits, wellness experiences, and streaming workouts. What makes ClassPass worth $1B. And Fritz’s plan...

Jun 16, 2020

Today I’m joined by Carl Daikeler, the co-founder and CEO of Beachbody, 


In today’s episode, we discussed the evolution of at-home fitness, transitioning from VHS tapes to streaming content, the role and criticism of multi-level marketing, and building a billion-dollar-a-year business. 


More from Carl >> 



Jun 9, 2020

Today I’m joined by Marc Zionts. 


Marc is the Executive Chairman of Precision Nutrition — a leader in nutrition coaching and education. 


In today’s episode, we talk about the company’s focus on behavior change, the decision to develop software tools to help nutrition and health coaches automate their...

Jun 2, 2020

Today I’m joined by Tobi Pearce the CEO of SWEAT. 


Along with his wife Kayla Itsines, Tobi and the team at SWEAT are building the world’s largest female fitness community. 


In this episode, we talked about his journey from personal training to creating a digital platform. We also discussed customer acquisition...