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Fitt Insider

Jul 26, 2022

Today I’m joined by Elo Co-founder and CEO, Ari Tulla.

Elo’s big vision is to transform food from the cause of disease to medicine. Elo uses biomarkers, cutting-edge AI, and expert guidance to deliver supplements calibrated for their customers’ unique needs with precision.

In this episode we discuss...

Jul 19, 2022

Today I’m joined by OxeFit CEO, Rab Shanableh.

OxeFit uses AI-powered technology that integrates robotics, movement and performance tracking to help you become the most powerful version of yourself. No more gym intimidation and no more bad form. With OxeFit’s personalized and engaging content you’ll get a workout...

Jul 12, 2022

In this episode I’m joined by Les Mills CEO, Clive Ormerod.

Les Mills has been delivering life-changing fitness experiences for over 50 years. Now an international fitness brand, Les Mills mixes music, motivation and movement for millions around the globe through their world-class fitness programs. Blurring the...

Jul 5, 2022

Today I’m joined by Dr. Jonathan Leary, Founder and CEO of Remedy Place, a social wellness club.

Remedy Place is the solution to life’s daily stresses: symptom struggles, lingering ailments, and mental burnout that compound and accumulate over time. Remedy Place helps clients rebalance these stresses through a...