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Fitt Insider

Nov 19, 2019

Today I’m joined by Khalil Zahar.


Khalil is the CEO and co-founder of FightCamp. 


On today’s episode, we talk with Khalil about the evolving definition of wellness, the disruption taking place in the fitness industry, how FightCamp plans to own the boxing vertical, and what it takes to stand out in the connected fitness category. 


I had a great time chatting with Khalil and I hope you enjoy listening.


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An engineer by profession, Khalil Zahar was completing his master thesis in Microelectromechanical Systems when he discovered his passion for boxing. Training with some of the best boxing coaches in the region, Zahar realized that quantifying his progress in the ring was a near impossibility. He saw the need for an interactive device that would provide users real-time stats and accurate feedback on each of their punches, and it was then that the idea of FightCamp was born. 


Zahar has since grown FightCamp from a tracking system loved by MMA and the UFC’s biggest stars into an at-home fitness experience that enables everyone, no matter where they are on their boxing journey, to enjoy the mental and physical effects of the sport. 


In addition to creating FightCamp and its parent company, Hykso, Zahar is also a mentor at the Founder Institute, where he was a top graduate and was selected as the International Startup Festival’s Best On-Stage Pitch. Zahar is an alumnus of Y Combinator, a prestigious Silicon Valley startup incubator that accepts less than 1% of the hundreds of applicants that apply to its program. 


With FightCamp, Khalil Zahar has grown the venture into an expansive and nurturing community and has made boxing an accessible and convenient workout for everyone.


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