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Fitt Insider

Dec 10, 2019

Today I’m joined by Jim Crowell. 


Jim is the CEO of OPEX. 


On today’s episode, we talk about Jim’s experience as a gym owner, his journey to becoming the CEO of a fast-growing fitness company, and his thoughts on the future of the fitness industry. 


I had a great time chatting with Jim and hope you enjoy listening. 


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Jim is a CEO, a business investigator, and a communication strategist in the fitness industry. His work ethic, experience and vision allow him to help fitness businesses in multiple verticals grow and protect their businesses at scale. 


Over his 15 year career, Jim has successfully traded energy commodities at $750M hedge fund, he's owned and sold 2 gyms with over 500 clients under his coaches' tutelage, and he's helped build and grow OPEX Fitness, Brand X, Big Dawgs Athlete and numerous other coaching companies within the chaos of the ever-changing fitness industry. 


Along the way, he's never stopped learning. Jim graduated Harvard's Core Course with honors and then went on to earn his MBA from The University of North Carolina all while working full time with OPEX. He's got a ferocious interest in understanding how systems works, and he couples that with his love of simple communication to support his team, gyms, coaches, and clients.


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