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Fitt Insider

May 18, 2021

Today I’m joined by Anand Sharma. Anand is the founder and CEO of Gyroscope — an app that lets you track and improve everything about your health. 


In this episode, we talk about Gyroscope’s evolution from a personal health experiment to a sustainable business. The challenges and opportunities in creating a personalized health dashboard. And the company’s mission to build a new operating system for the human body. 


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Anand is the founder & CEO of Gyroscope. He built the first version of Gyroscope as a personal project to track his own life and health ( and then founded the company to provide it as a service for everyone. He previously designed Quizlet, now used by millions of students to study for their classes, and theory11, an online school for magic. He can be found in most places as @aprilzero


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