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Fitt Insider

Oct 20, 2020

This week, we’re excited to bring you the first episode of Startup Spotlight – a recurring series where we speak with early-stage founders working on fitness and wellness startups. 


We usually focus on established companies, operators, and inventors — and we’ll continue bringing you those conversations most weeks. 


But, from time to time, we’re highlight companies at the beginning of their journey. 


Today I’m joined by Cam Porter — the Founder and CEO of Core. 


Core is making it easy for fitness instructors to create a branded digital experience across iOS, Android, and the web. The company’s content and client management tools help instructors launch and scale their business. 


In this episode, we discuss the current state of digital fitness, the disconnect between fitness and health, empowering instructors to build an online business, and the challenges Core is working through to get a product to market. 


A quick note on today’s episode, Anthony and I working with Cam and the Core team in an advisory role. We’re excited to play a small part in helping fitness instructors grow their businesses. 


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Cameron Porter is the founder and CEO of Core, the most recent incubation to come out of the NYC based venture studio, AlleyCorp, best known for its past incubations that include; MongoDB (MDB), BusinessInsider, Gilt Groupe, Zola, and many more. Prior to leading Core, Cameron worked as a Venture Architect at AlleyCorp where he helped to launch companies in spaces ranging from renewable energy food truck fleets to prescription digital therapeutics. His path the venture world was not a traditional one. Cameron dropped out Princeton when he was drafted into Major League Soccer. While playing professionally, Cameron also worked with the league’s front office as a software engineer. Through all of it, he has maintained a deep passion for how people relate to their bodies and hopes that his work can help people get a little closer to arete — fulfillment through the mind, body, and soul.


About Core: Core enables fitness instructors to launch, scale, and grow their business. To do this, Core provides a one-stop-shop for content and client management that powers the instructor’s own branded experience across iOS, Android, and web. You set the prices. You own the content. You own the customers. It’s your business powered by Core.


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