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Fitt Insider

May 28, 2024

Today, I’m joined by Brad Olson, CEO of Sollis Health.

A members-only medical concierge, Sollis Health merges the best of hospitality and medicine. Open 24/7, it offers high-quality healthcare without wait times.

In this episode, we discuss the company’s concierge urgent care experience.

We also cover:

• Current...

May 21, 2024

Today, I’m joined by Rebecca Egger, co-founder & CEO of Little Otter. 

Filling a gap in mental healthcare, Little Otter caters specifically to the needs of young children. Co-founded by Rebecca and her mother, a child psychiatrist, the company takes a whole-family approach to kids’ therapy.

In this episode, we...

May 14, 2024

Today, I’m joined by Sami Inkinen, founder & CEO of Virta Health.

Leading with lifestyle, Virta takes a bottom-up approach to diabetes management. Leveraging ketogenic nutrition therapy, the company is tackling root causes of type 2 diabetes.

In this episode, we talk about unwinding the metabolic health crisis.


May 7, 2024

Today, I’m joined by Emi Gal, founder & CEO of Ezra.

A software engineer turned entrepreneur, Emi launched early cancer detection startup Ezra in 2018. Leveraging AI, the company is on a mission to make preventative MRIs the norm. 

In this episode, we talk about developing cost-effective scans.

We also cover: