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Fitt Insider

Jan 3, 2023

Today, I’m joined by Dugal Bain-Kim, co-founder of Lifeforce, a health optimization company tailored to people 35 and older. 

Lifeforce combines convenient diagnostics, science-backed nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, and practical lifestyle support to help adults improve their healthspans. Backed by fellow co-founders Joel Jackson, Tony Robbins, and Dr. Peter Diamandis, Lifeforce strives to improve people's lives, mentally and physically, through science and health.

In this episode, we discuss enhancing well-being after age 35 and teaming up with Tony Robbins and Dr. Peter Diamandis. Plus, we discuss the company’s vision for a digital health optimization clinic.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

• The approach Lifeforce takes to optimize its members’ health
• The impact of high-powered thought leaders
• What roles blood testing and wearables play in health optimization

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(00:00) Introduction
(01:33) Dugal’s background and Lifeforce intro
(03:15) Dugal’s journey to starting Lifeforce
(06:28) Lifeforce pricing
(08:20) How Lifeforce works
(10:17) Wearables role in health optimization
(12:23) Concierge service
(14:55) Customer diagnostics 
(19:21) Stigma around hormone treatments
(21:32) Marketing strategies
(23:50) Growing Lifeforce through referrals
(26:48) Education component of health optimization
(29:50) Future roadmap
(32:54) Perception of health optimization
(37:01) Conclusion