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Fitt Insider

Jun 28, 2022

Today I’m joined by Andy Hoang, Founder and CEO of Aviron, makers of connected rowing machines.

Aviron is a connected rowing machine designed with you in mind. Short, high-intensity workouts save you time, high resistance settings allow you to include strength training along with your cardio workout, and hundreds of content options get you motivated and keep you engaged month after month.

In this episode we discuss the company’s bootstrap start, pivoting from commercial sales to at-home during the pandemic, and everyone’s approach to gamified fitness content.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Aviron overcame early obstacles and achieved success
  • Tips for adapting your sales funnel to current market trends
  • Andy’s candid insights about developing & launching a physical product
  • What Aviron is doing to prepare for a potential recession

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